White Haus

Photo: Luís Espinheira

On the 18th of November, White Haus takes his new album to Passos Manuel,  leva o novo disco até ao Passos Manuel, Oporto’s emblamatic venue.

The first part of the show will be totally dedicated to the new album “Modern Dancing”, which will be played in full, accompanied by a video component that follows the minimalist patterns of the album’s graphic line. Selected tracks from the first LP and EP will also be part of the concert’s alignment. The night continues with Maria (DJ superstar and star in White Haus’ videos).

The purchase of the album at FNAC gives exclusive access to the concert (tickets limited to room capacity). There is also the possibility of acquiring the record at the venue on the night of the event. In both situations, to attend the concert, simply present the receipt at the entrance.

18th of November: Cinema Passos Manuel, Oporto, 10.30pm
26th of November: Casa das Artes de V.N.Famalicão
19th of May 2017:  Centro Cultural de Belém, CCBeat, Lisboa

White Haus

Click on image to see the video

The video for the single “Greatest Hits”, directed by Vasco Mendes and shoot in Oporto, counts with the participation of more than 150 students of the Superior School of Arts and Design in Matosinhos.

During 3 days the students of the ESAD communication design course were involved in the elaboration of the video using the rotoscope technique, which implies a frame-to-frame intervention on the footage. The sequence was printed, the students intervened manually and at the end it was photographed in full in order to reintegrate the video.

It is portrayed the life of a producer who was successful in the 80’s and who works in the present as producer of bands. Everything seems to go well with the band that is producing (White Haus) but at several moments he feels a huge desire to return to the stage and take the lead (instead of behind a mixer).