Sean Riley & The Slowriders

Sean Riley  The Slowriders
Photo: Joana Linda

Sean Riley named his debut album “Farewell”. An auspicious beginning that revealed to perfection the intentions of a group of friends that gathered to make music and enjoy themselves. But the simplicity and hedonism that formed the basis of “Farewell” were betrayed by a set of 11 wonderfully beautiful songs that projected Sean Riley & the Slowriders onto the main stages of Portugal, authors of one the best debuts in the history of Portuguese recorded music. The media attention raised the stakes for the follow-up album, “Only Time Will Tell”.

“Only Time Will Tell” presented a second collection of 12 songs by Sean Riley, selected from the innumerable song ideas presented to the Slowriders during preproduction.

“Houses and Wifes”, “This Woman” and “Hold on” were some of the tracks played live during the extensive national tour, which included an appearance at festivals, Portuguese cities as well as dates in the UK, Spain and the Netherlands, where the band performed at Eurosonic 2011.

Back home, the band wasted no time heading back into the studio to record their third abum, “It’s been a long night”.

Sean Riley & the Slowriders have released their forth álbum “SEAN RILEY & THE SLOWRIDERS” in 2016. A more straightforward approach from the creation point of view, it wass also their most conceptual work thus far.

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