Mirror People celebrates his debut album first anniversary, VOYAGER, with a show at CCB (Lisbon), on 5 March.

And the year before this celebration couldn’t go any better. With a full agenda with booked shows that included several of the major festivals (Vodafone Paredes de Coura, Super Bock Super Rock, Lisb-ON, among many others), Mirror People saw VOYAGER being celabrated as one of the best records of the year by several media, among them: readers of Blitz Magazine, Espalha Factos, Joana Dias, Pedro Costa and André Santos and Isilda Sanches from Antena 3 radio, Autores Fora D’Horas from Sic Notícias, Máquina de Escrever of Nuno Galopim.

TELEPHONE CALL (FT ROWETTA), the new single from the debut album, is already playing at Antena 3 radio and includes the participation of Rowetta from the acclaimed British band Happy Mondays, and will be reissued digitally on March 4 in EP format . Besides the title track with remixes of national artists like Cut Slack, Ka§par and Daily Misconceptions, this new EP includes new songs that now see the light of day.

Since a very interesting remix by To Ricciardi for “Nothing to Give (Ft Rebeka)” to the “funk” of “We Wonder (Ft. Mauro Fernandes)” or “The Voyager Instrumental Space Theme”.

Desde uma interessantíssima remix por To Ricciardi para “Nothing to Give (Ft Rebeka)”, passando pelo “funk” de “We Wonder (Ft. Mauro Fernandes)” ou “The Voyager Instrumental Space Theme”, in total, there are eight songs that mark the outcome of this adventure called VOYAGER.


EP Alignment:

01 – Telephone Call (Ft. Rowetta)

02 – We Wonder (Ft. Mauro)

03 – The Voyager Instrumental Space Theme

04 – Telephone Call (Ft. Rowetta) (Cut Slack Remix)

05 – Telephone Call (Ft. Rowetta) (Kaspar Remix)

06 – Telephone Call (Ft. Rowetta) (Daily Misconceptions Rework)

07 – Nothing to Give (Ft. Rebeka) (To Ricciardi Remix)

08 – Telephone Call (Instrumental Mix)