Miguel Angelo celebrates 35 years of career in 2019

Next January will be 35 years since Miguel Angelo steped into a recording studio for the first time. Delfins had just started and since then his life has been strictly linked to recordings and live performances, to the writing and interpretation of songs that marked the History of Portuguese Music.

It’s always good to celebrate a 35 year’s career, even more if to the successes of always joines new adventures, because in these cases the right thing to do is to continue and not rest in the shadow of the obtained laurels.

2019 will bring a new album, new songs and unusual collaborations, even because many things have changed since that distant day when that studio opened it’s doors to receive some new kids, full of ideas and energy. Many things have changed, in the way you make a record, communicate, drive a career, but ideas and the energy remains.

Few are the national artists who manage to bring together in their live shows a transversal and numerous public, composed by several generations. Miguel Angelo is certainly one of them and 2019 will take care, once again, to prove it.