After the well succeeded experience at Festival F, Faro in 2015, MAZGANI once again invites PEIXE to his show at Theatro Circo de Braga (Portugal) the January 30.

According to Mazgani, the invitation was due to “the great admiration for Peixe’s restless genius, that always returns every song a new vitality. With him we feel the stage becomes a place of adventure and risk. Without this boldness, the songs don’t want us”.

Pedro Cardoso (Peixe) was a founding member of Ornatos Violeta and Pluto and is the director of OGBE – Orquestra de Guitarras e Baixos Eléctricos (Electric Guitars and Bass’s Orchestra).

MAZGANI fwas one of the guest artists for NO AR, the new radio and television show dedicated to portuguese music exhibited at Antena 3 and RTP 2. Watch here the full episode.

press january photo

Click the image to watch the video “On My Way To Canaan Land”    Photo: Rita Carmo