Keep Razors Sharp | New song feat. Calcutá

Keep Razors Sharp introduce a new single

Summer Nights with Calcutá

Performing at Festival EA Live in Campo Pequeno on 12 October 

A year after the release of their successful album – Overcome – and just over a week from their debut at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon at the Festival EA Live (7 pm), Keep Razors Sharp are surprising with the release of an unpublished single featuring Calcutá.

Summer Nights is Keep Razors Sharp’s first song with external collaborations. The participation of Teresa Castro (Calcutá) stems from mutual admiration and results in a song that approaches the beginning of love and long summer nights dancing on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

All visuals are from Joana Linda. Young rising actress Mia Tomé takes part in the music video.