D’Alva compose, produce and record new single on livestream

tradiio rec

“Deciding to make pop music as we do when we did, it was a punk-rock attitude.” – These were the words they used in one of their first interviews when their debut album #batequebate was released, emphasis on “pop”, “how” and when”.

A few months from the brand of two years after this first record, D’Alva are preparing to make music + internet + reality tv:

“We wanted to show our working process from the beginning for a while, and also to show to a whole new generation of future musicians that is possible to make music independently, without once infrastructure, all thanks to condensing technology on a portable computer, but above all that the greatest heritage, the best tool they have is their imagination, creativity and work.”

D’Alva will compose, produce and record their next single from scratch, and will display the whole process live-stream, no script, no music composed without network.

In partnership with Tradiio, the process can be followed from January 11, weekdays live from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm or from 9:00 pm deferred at this link: