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Celebrating 35 years of career, Miguel Angelo released NOVA (pop) on November 15 2018. In this album the artist collaborates with new names of Portuguese music: Filipe SambadoChinaskeeD’Alva and Surma.

The first single, NOVA, was presented in September and results from the direct action of Filipe Sambado and Chinaskee on Miguel Angelo’s demo, who with total freedom and autonomy participate in it and sign its production.

The second song was presented in October. AQUISTA results from the collaboration between Miguel Angelo and Surma, in the composition and production.

The starting point was a short book by Herman Hesse, which the author stole from the title and ambience he needed to get inspired.

The sound experience in Aquista transports us to a hermetic dimension – both beautiful and delicate – in a haunting derived from Hesse’s stay in the Baths of Baden, Switzerland, in 1923.

QUIMERA was the third song to be revealed and is the happy result of Miguel Angelo’s collaboration with D’Alva. With Ben Monteiro and Alex D’Alva Teixeira as helmsmen, QUIMERA is the perfect pop journey that unites them between the past, the present and the future of popular music. Recorded between the legendary Delfins studios (1 Só Céu, Cascais) and D’Alva’s time capsule, the generational references undulate in a pure pop groove that serves as the basis for one of the most classic songs the artist has ever soloed.

2021 sees the release of “Noite e Dia” a double album with side A “Dia” seeing him join forces with Pedro de Troia and Co$tanza and side B “Noite” an experimental joint venture with Rui Maia.

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