We dedicate ourselves to the management and booking of Portuguese artists.

Booking: Ana Free, As Canções da Maria, D'ALVA, Keep Razors Sharp, Mazgani, Miguel Angelo, Mirror People, Sean Riley, Sean Riley & The Slowriders
Management: Alex D'Alva Teixeira, Ben Monteiro, D'ALVA, Keep Razors Sharp, Mazgani, Miguel Angelo, Sean Riley, Sean Riley & The Slowriders


Phone: +351 212 466 675
Booking: agente (at) afirma.pt
Management: amanager (at) afirma.pt
Production: silvia (at) afirma.pt
PR: promo (at) afirma.pt
General Director: Rafaela Ribas
Production Director: Silvia Guerreiro
Technical Consultant: Christian Landone