Photo by Diana Matias

Chinaskee presents the new single “Desanimado”

Album will be called “Bochechas” and will be released on February 19th with Revolve label
In July of last year, the artist realeased the single “Mobília”.
In June this year will be released “Desanimado”.

Even almost a year away, both are singles from “Bochechas”.

Desanimado is the seach for a language and a new outfit for Chinaskee. A more rocky, more energetic and more fun side of him. This song is recorded and produced by Filipe Sambado and co produced by Primeira Dama at Interpress, mixed by Manuel Palha and mastered by Eduardo Vinhas at the new Golden Pony studio.

In this video from Diana Matias, João Tavares, João Figueiras and David Matoso, we tried to portray a little of the depression of being alone at home. And without knowing the times that were approaching, it also shows the longing to see a concert by our favorite bands.

A good business card for the new album and a good song to dance alone or with someone.

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