Every Time

Sean Riley & The Slowriders’ new single
New album after summer

Every Time – presented today – is the first single extracted from Sean Riley & The Slowriders’ new album, which will hit stores after the summer.

This was the first song to be written after “California” (Sean Riley’s solo album released in 2018) on Afonso Rodrigues’ return to Portugal. It is a song that still plays in the universe of that album. He talks about the departure and about missing what we left behind regardless of where we are going and how much we want to get there.

It is a theme that had two lives: in the first phase it had a more traditional arrangement of Slowriders but they ended up opting for another approach, this one, which made Every Time the first ever song by Sean Riley & The Slowriders without guitars. This idea ended up having some impact on the aesthetic of the rest of the album.

The video clip is made by Joana Linda, who mentions “Every Time video was thought of as a kind of trailer for a film that follows the narrative of the song as if it were a script. We follow some moments of the relationship of this couple, sometimes from literally, sometimes taking some liberties, as they come together and part in the good way of romantic cinema. “

The images are also from the photographer who has been with the band for some years. The single’s cover was created by Hélène Mailloux, also a repeat, since she was also responsible for the cover of California.