Mazgani releases today his sixth album “The Gambler Song”

After two years of presenting “The Poet’s Death” a little everywhere, to full rooms, the new work has now available in stores.

In the words of Miguel Judas, for the Diário de Notícias (portuguese newspapper): “At the sixth record of originals, Mazgani took his foot off the accelerator but continues to advance in an urgent march. At 45 years old and with a vast discography, started 13 years ago, with the debut album Songs of the New Heart, the Portuguese-Iranian musician and singer has strictly fulfilled the prediction made in 2005 by the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles, which then included him, among about seven thousand candidates, in the list of Europe’s best projects. Since then, he has proved to be one of the most talented songwriters of Portuguese music of the last decade, as proven once again in the new The Gambler Song, a more musically restrained record, but with the same lyrical restlessness. who has always marked his songs. “

Videoclip of the song “The Gambler Song” (click the image)
Videoclip of the song “The Sweetest Song” (click the image)

The Gambler Song will be played March 4th at Capitólio in Lisboa. Tickets here.

Click the image to listen the album.


1. The Gambler Song
2. The Captain
3. Into Silence
4. The Sweetest Song
5. The Wind
6. The Glowing Horses
7. In The Heart Of Love
8. River of Stone
9. The Well