New album hits the stores on February 7th

On March 4th will happen the presentation at Capitólio in Lisbon

Three weeks from releasing his new album of originals, Mazgani presents the second single – The Gambler Song – which shares the name with the album. About this song the artist says: “It seems to be a song about the desire for surrender and homecoming.”

Filmed at Cinema São Jorge, emblematic cinema of Lisbon, the video of The Gambler Song is, according to the director, a love letter to cinema and the city of Lisbon. “The video,” says Joana Linda, “wears a melancholy, cinematic song personified by actress Anabela Moreira, a muse lost between the screen and the streets, between reality and fiction, closely watched by Mazgani himself who takes on the role of projectionist. “

Cover photography, poster photography and music video: Joana Linda

Cover and poster design: Joana Areal

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The Gambler Song is the name of the album coming out on February 7th.