The new record will be available in stores on February 7th

Presentation concert March 4th at Capitólio in Lisbon

In the same week he celebrates 2 years since the release of The Poet’s Death – the record that set the tone for their tour that led the artist to play in crowded rooms from north to south of Portugal – Mazgani presents The Sweetest Song, the first single from his new record.

Cover photo: Joana Linda 
Cover design: Joana Areal

Joana Linda did the music video for The Sweetest Song. “We tried to color the song with some innocence and candor and I think Joana captured this universe perfectly.”

The Gambler Song is the name of the new record released on the February 7th 2020.

On March 4th the artist will present it at Capitólio, in Lisbon, tickets here.