All photos by Tiago Fezas Vital.

Miguel Angelo celebrated 35 years of career this summer

In 2019, commemorating 35 years of career, Miguel Angelo took to the whole country the successful tour “Ventos e Mares” – with Resistência – his solo show had the opportunity to be accompanied by great orchestras.

On August 25th, he and his former colleagues Delfins participated in a tribute to the iconic band of the 1990s, by  invitation of the Cascais Town Hall and its Symphony Orchestra. The concert was also attended by special guests: Ana Bacalhau, Joana Espadinha, Maria Leon, Tim, Olavo Bilac, Miguel Gameiro, Heber Marques and João Pedro Pais. It was the biggest crowd ever seen in Festas do Mar and the whole show can be viewed in streaming by clicking on the image above.

Miguel Angelo prepares by the end of the year the edition of a solo album in collaboration with new Portuguese musicians.