Photos: Rui Palma / Jubilee Street
Artwork: Cristina Viana

Mirror People‘s Disco Sound got together for the first time to Da Chick‘s boogie in “Drinks Promise Better“.

Produced by Mirror People for the dance floor, with a contemporary and accurate beat, an irresistible bass, and a ‘classic’ twist influenced by the sounds of the 70’s from Motown Records. All this complemented by Da Chick‘s attitude, humor and funky melodies.

The addictive “Drinks Promise Better” groove will arrive on April 19 on all digital platforms, after two weeks of global exclusivity in the Juno Download store (as of April 5).

In addition to this song with Da Chick, and after seeing its song “Look Out” be the soundtrack of the TV ad of ‘Lotaria da Catalunha’, Mirror People is planning to release some EP’s in collaboration with other artists still in 2019 .

Da Chick has been betting on its internationalization, with extended stays and tours through the United States. It was there that he was inspired and wrote her next album, still in production but with a sample scheduled in 2019.