Neon Soho

Neon Soho are the new portuguese alternative electronic pop band.

The combination of the several influences and styles of each of the three members of the Lisbon based band, the clash of references that each one of them brings, resulted in an improbable sound. A sound that brings together influences from synth-pop to dance and soul.

Ana Vieira, who sings with Rodrigo Leão since 2004, brought with her the influences of blues, jazz and soul, and embarked on a marriage with the obscene synthesizers of Vera Condeço, who has been feeding the dream for a long time, timidly producing in a bold electronics laboratory and spontaneous combustion compositions.

Ricardo Cruz, spent years involved in the most varied musical projects and brings a look that completes Neon Soho. Owner of an enviable musicality, he contributes to the strings by giving the sound an organic side. He’s also responsible for musical production and translating the sound from the studio to the stage.

In this unexpected fusion between an energetic, harmonious and unpredictable instrumental and a warm voice that brings us to the American Soul in a vocal extension that seems to have no end, the sound of the project is defined.

Click on the image below to hear the first EP: HOME

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